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Many thanks to my compatriots, the members of the diplomatic corps, journalists, and French and foreign friends who have congratulated me on my book, either by telephone or e-mail, and who have encouraged me to serve the Afghan people.

I will be present at the conference for my book January 25th at CEREDAF, February 1st at Harmattan, and February 4th at the Maison de Radio-France.

I have been very touched by the invitations, notably by Afghans, to have tea or an Afghan meal; I accept with great pleasure these invitations, for it is a great honor for me, since I have always believed and believe now more than ever that the Afghan people form a large family in which I am one of its members.

I believe in the destiny of the Afghan people. Since my childhood, I have had the opportunity to live among members of different Afghan ethnicities, first in Gharabagh of Ghazni (my birthplace) and then, thanks to the work of my father, in Mokhor, Ourizkan, Faryab, Zurmat and Helmind... I have shared with them bread and milk, joy and pain, marriage and mourning... 

I have no doubt that the people of Afghanistan, if one leaves them free and in peace, will reconstruct together a new, free, independent, prosperous and peaceful Afghanistan.

I will certainly not be remiss in responding to each of your e-mails.    


            Dr. BACHARDOUST Ramazan

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