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Why should this expose be translated into Dari and Pashtou, the official languages of the Afghan people ?

The Afghan people in general, and specifically the youth have shown a strong desire to learn, to understand, and to know their past, their present, and the possible opportunities and points of view for the future.

This report is the first that objectively permits, without ethnic, religious, or political bias, to satisfy that need. For this reason, the translation of this paper into the native languages of Afghanistan is a priority. I am counting on your financial support to initiate the translation of this document, first in Dari, then in Pashtou, next in English, and other languages. This must happen before my departure to Afghanistan, where I have been called to assume the role of representative for Western Europe by the Foreign Ministry.

Please send all financial assistance and support for the translation by wire transfer to :


10207 - 00046 - 0414 607 0401 - 22 (c/rib)

IBAN FR 76 1020 7000 4604 1460 7040 122 SWIFT CCBP FRPP MTG

Domiciliation : BICS PARIS - NOTRE-DAME (00041)